Are you facing a storm in your life today? Do you wonder if God is aware of just how serious your situation has become? Does He even care?

All of us have seasons in our lives which are difficult. Churches and organizations go through tough times and trials as well. This is simply a reality of life.

For believers, however, there is a key that makes even the worst of times bearable - God is in control.

Yes, He does care - much more than you can even comprehend. His love for you is extreme and He wants to shower His grace and favor on you even if things are not going the way you would like. He really loves you.

In the Gospel of Mark you can read the account of Jesus and the disciples crossing the sea in a boat when a fierce storm arose quickly. The disciples were bailing water and began to fear for their lives as it appeared that the boat would be swamped.  Jesus was asleep in the front of the boat.

I can imagine them trying desperately to get the water out of the boat but wave after wave was hindering their progress. They glanced over at Jesus; He continued to rest as if nothing was wrong. Finally, when they had stood all they could, they woke Him up and asked if He even cared that they were about to perish.

He rebuked the storm.  It was over.  Just like that.

Then, he asked them a penetrating question: why are you afraid, do you not have faith?

How was Jesus so calm in the midst of the storm? He was doing the Will of His Father and He completely trusted the Father. He modeled faith for us.

Faith in God requires that I trust Him to rule over every aspect of my life - even difficult circumstances. Faith requires me to take Him at His word. For instance, in the account of the disciples and Jesus in the storm,  Jesus had clearly told them that they must go to the other side of the sea. Did they really think some wind and water could stop the plan of God?

Faith isn't built on maybe, perhaps or I hope so - it is the confident trust that God will bring His will to pass keeping every promise He has made. 

If you believe God is the all-powerful ruler of the universe - act like you believe it!

Join us, Sunday 11, at 10:45 for a time of worship, fellowship and an uplifting message that will strengthen your faith!

In Christ,

Ray Smith




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